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QuakerSmith Capital helps scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs develop and commercialize novel therapeutic agents, medical devices, diagnostics, and life sciences related technologies.  The company advises, supports, and funds new ventures in the early stages of development, often before company formation or business plan development.  

QuakerSmith Capital focuses on helping inventors and research teams identify and demonstrate the true commercial potential of their promising new discoveries or emerging technologies.  We also help develop strategies and plans to optimize realizable value, secure the necessary funding and human resources, and manage execution all the way through to successful value capture.  Services include:


  •          Identifying high value applications or addressable unmet needs

  •          Funding and acquiring complementary technologies

  •          Evaluating patent opportunities, risks, issues

  •          Assessing and documenting market potential

  •          Designing proof of concept or comparative studies

  •          Preparing pre-clinical and clinical development strategies and plans

  •          Writing business plans

  •          Raising capital (angels, VC’s, public sources, etc.)

  •          Finding experts and advisors (legal, science, finance, etc.)

  •          Optimizing company organization and financial structure

  •          Recruiting key leadership and management resources

  •          Selecting and negotiating with vendors and suppliers

  •          Identifying and approaching licensing partners, investors, etc.

  •          Developing valuation estimates and assessments


The continuing acceleration of progress in life sciences research is generating more and more important new discoveries and promising innovations every day.  Many of these innovations offer significant potential to improve human life and generate enormous commercial value.  This potential, however, is not always obvious, and many promising opportunities languish in the laboratory and never realize their full potential.  QuakerSmith Capital is dedicated to helping innovators find and unlock the ultimate value of their discoveries.

"In God we trust... All others bring data"
George Graham Smith III

Mr. Smith founded QuakerSmith Capital, LLC in April 2003.  Prior to founding QuakerSmith Capital, Mr. Smith was a partner in the Strategy and Business Architecture section of the Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Practice of Accenture, based in Philadelphia.  He specialized in helping major pharmaceutical and medical products firms lead and manage transformational change.  


For 20 years, Mr. Smith worked with major global firms on a variety of projects across the entire business, including research, development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and strategy.  His clients included the world’s most recognized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as drug wholesalers, pharmacy benefit management companies, information and data services companies, generics manufacturers, and specialty chemicals producers. 


Mr. Smith graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics.  He also holds an MBA in Operations Research and Finance from the Wharton School.


QuakerSmith Capital utilizes an extensive network of resources with expertise across a wide range of scientific, technical, and medical fields to bring valuable expertise to its client and investment companies.  The company has access to experts in fields such as:


  • Business and tax law, including issues specific to founders

  • Intellectual property and patent law

  • US and international regulatory issues (pre-clinical, clinical, other)

  • Manufacturing, formulation, scale-up

  • Biostatistics

  • Core support technologies (research, instrumentation, information)

  • Finance and accounting


QuakerSmith Capital also has many contacts among major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies who looking for new technologies to acquire and develop and/or are willing to work with innovators in collaborative arrangements.

QuakerSmith Capital is committed to finding the right resources with the right expertise and does not accept any finders fees, commissions, or direct compensation from third parties in exchange for introducing them to client or investment companies.

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