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George G. Smith III, Managing Director


 5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite #268

 Malvern, Pennsylvania  19355


P: 610-251-6862

Scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and founders are encouraged to contact QuakerSmith Capital as early as possible, even if there is no company formed or business plan written.  While QuakerSmith Capital is capable of and interested in working with innovators at any stage of commercial development, the company has found that it can often provide the most value in the period before clients make any major decisions or commitments that shape or limit future options.

QuakerSmith Capital’s initial evaluation of any innovation disclosure will focus primarily on the science behind the innovation, the background and expertise of the innovator and collaborators, the specifics of the innovation itself, the degree to which the intellectual property has been established and protected, and the degree to which the key features, functions, characteristics, or practical value of the innovation are demonstrated by data produced to date.

Technology Disclosures (UTD's) may be sent to "UTD" at this website.  Please be aware that:

1.Any disclosures made to QuakerSmith Capital must be non-confidential.   

2.QuakerSmith Capital will not acknowledge receipt of UTD’s and will not return UTD’s to the sender. 

3.QuakerSmith Capital assumes no liability whatsoever as a result of receiving a UTD from any source.  


QuakerSmith Capital will exercise prudent care in handling submitted materials, but the company cannot accept any liability whatsoever arising out of any contact from third parties.



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