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Investment Experience and Objectives

 QuakerSmith Capital has worked with a number of innovators and ventures since its founding in 2003.


QuakerSmith Capital has interest and expertise in a broad spectrum of life sciences products and services.  Areas of interest include:


  • Diagnostic products and methods, especially molecular diagnostics

  • Medical devices, either invasive or non-invasive

  • Novel formulation technologies, including nano-particles, patches, etc.

  • New therapeutic compounds, drugs, techniques, protocol, etc., especially for established agents that can be improved or “re-purposed”

  • Life sciences platform technologies, including research tools and techniques, software, and consumables

  • Health informatics software, databases, and services


QuakerSmith Capital engages with and invests in only those select clients where the company has a high level of confidence in its ability to help the client rapidly realize increased value as a result of the relationship.  Key criteria include:

Core Innovation:  Obviously, the perceived quality and novelty of the innovation itself is of highest importance.  QuakerSmith Capital understands, however, that the “eureka” of many new discoveries may not be readily obvious at first.  However, the innovation must have clear features or aspects that demonstrate unique potential or value.

Patentability:  The degree to which the intellectual property position has been well staked out or has the potential for strong protection is extremely important.  At the same time, the degree to which the innovation risks infringement on other patents can be equally important.

Science Stature:  The extent to which the innovation is supported by solid, credible, well established science and scientists is very important.  Innovations supported by solid, reproducible data, peer reviewed papers, third party grants, and/or prestigious institutions are valued highly.


Commitment: The discoverer/founder must be closely involved and must commit more than the innovation itself.  The company will not participate as a sole cash investor or as the primary lead executive of the venture.

QuakerSmith Capital has limited capacity and can work with only a handful of client investments at any given time.  As such, the company is extremely careful about committing to any client, and will only do so if the company is confident that it can provide the client investment the level of focus necessary to achieve success for all parties.

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